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Welcome to Kwoozapads Cottage Industry !

Kwoozapads are qualty washable cloth sanitary pads, designed and made locally by Kwoozapads (U) Limited, from recycled cloth material donated to our cloth bank.

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SHEFA PROGRAM: Goals and Objectives

The Sanitary Health for all! program enables young girls/women sustain a consistent, clean and healthy state when active in society by using reusable Pads (Kwoozapads)made from selected cheap cotton cloth, a widespread material on Uganda’s market.

 Adolescent girls and women in seriously impoverished, hard to reach, and disaster affected communities of Uganda using this innovative product are able to comfortably go about their lives and carry out all the activities required of them during their menstrual periods. This makes them feel comfortable and dry at all times as well as project a high self-esteem in society.

SHEFA began September 2013 as a pioneer project for Kwoozapads in Kampala in bid to make lives better for girls and women in impoverished areas of Uganda. After successful results, the directors have decided to expand the project countrywide

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Iam greatful for giving us Kwoozapads. i have been finding it hard to get money to buy pads every month.

Nakimuli Angellah

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