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About Kwoozapads

Kwoozapads Uganda Ltd is a cottage industry oriented towards research and manufacture of reusable sanitary cloth pads (known as “Kwoozapads”), and other sanitary health products from recycled cloth material; all are meant to help the underprivileged gals and women in Uganda.
 ‘Kwoozapads”, washable and reusable cloth sanitary pads (available in a variety of all sizes) has been our major product. The pads have been well researched on, and their quality has been highly ensured by our design team to enable them meet both the Ministry of Health standards, and environmental standards.  

Kwoozapads began at Kyambogo in 2010 as a student group research project by one “Adong Sande Rhodest”, but was later on picked up by their guide Mr Michael Odongo; a researcher and lecturer of product design/drawing in the same department.
A foundation was laid for further research and as of today, Kwoozapads has been established with a unique objective for manufacturing of Re-usable sanitary pads to benefit the needy communities. Currently, the activities of Kwoozapads are administered from Kyambogo University, but plans are underway to establish a production centre at plot 1083 and 1142, Janda Namugongo, Kyaliwajala-Wakiso District.


Our Management Team

Michael Odongo.
He is charged with the general management of Kwoozapads and it projects. He also deals with creativity and drawing. Mr Michael Odongo is a lecturer of Product Design, at Kyambogo University.

Hassan Ocen
He deals with design and prototype development; he is a former student of Art and Design at Kyambogo University.

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Iam greatful for giving us Kwoozapads. i have been finding it hard to get money to buy pads every month.

Nakimuli Angellah

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